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Our roots are in the Rheingau, where grapevines have been cultivated for over 2000 years. Rheingau is Riesling — and Riesling is Rheingau! This starts with the statistics: the Rheingau has a higher share of Riesling than any other winegrowing region in the world. For four generations and counting, Weingut Robert Weil has harvested this prized variety on roughly 100 hectares of vineyards in a tight radius around the estate.

This mindful concentration on Riesling from vineyards that seem tailor-made for that variety, together with the estate’s legendary commitment to quality, paved the way for Weingut Robert Weil's rise to cult status within Germany and an ambassadorial role for German Riesling culture within the wider international wine scene.

But we’ve never forgotten that another type of winegrowing developed over the centuries just across the Rhine, in the fabulous ‘left bank’ winegrowing region known as Rheinhessen. The Rhine itself has never really been a hard frontier between the two wine regions, as their historical and cultural ties are deep and complex.
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Our gaze has often wandered off with interest across the Rhine, towards the swelling hillsides of Rheinhessen, known for its dynamic white wines from the Pinot family as well as its outstanding rosés and reds. And over time, interest began to percolate in taking over a century's worth of Riesling expertise and using those insights to explore grapes from the Pinot family. And given that those varieties can be found close to home, there’s no need to fly off to far-away countries or continents to do so.

A young Robert Weil Junior team was formed to explore this brave new concept. They scoured Rheinhessen in a search of producer partners and set up common quality goals in order to guarantee the finest quality berries. A system of gentle pressing, must clarification, and controlled fermentation in state-of-the art cellars was negotiated. Signed, sealed, delivered!

Maturation on the fine lees gives the Robert Weil Junior family of wines body and inner depth without disrupting their fine flow. For all their power and stamina, these are wines built to charm through elegance and finesse. Each one is tremendously drinkable and irresistible. Our excitement for this variety shines through in our motto: A Riesling vintner sets the Pinot dancing! The young, motivated team at Robert Weil Junior stands for wines that are stylistic, distinctive and perpetually recognizable in their character — in a word: unique!