Caro Maurer (Master of Wine) tastes vintage 2016 of Robert Weil Junior

2016 Robert Weil Junior Pinot Blanc Unique
Young and lighthearted, an authentic representation of the varietal. Fresh aromas of yellow fruits, citrus and orange blossoms — like the first breath of spring. The palate is charming and candid from the very first moment, and its bracing acidity finds a beautiful balance in the supple fruitiness.  Pure drinking delight!
Highest rating - 4 Glasses

2016 Robert Weil Junior Pinot Gris Unique
A modern and all-around wonderful interpretation of Pinot Gris.  Vivacious aromas of peach, honeydew melon and a tropical hint of pineapple fuse with a gentle touch of bourbon vanilla and buttercream. This creaminess carries over to the palate, delivering a smooth, almost polished texture, both precise and pleasing. It is shaped by the crisp acidity, ensuring mouth-watering freshness with each sip.
Highest rating - 4 Glasses

2016 Robert Weil Junior Chardonnay Unique 
The aromas tell a story of ripe yellow fruits, especially melon and peach. They are joined by enchanting nutmeg and white pepper, with a touch of toast that hearkens back to the wine's time in oak. The structured palate builds steady momentum, with its concentrated flavors softened by its creamy charms. A winning wine unafraid to tempt with its many pleasures.
Highest rating - 4 Glasses

2016 Robert Weil Junior Cuvée Red Unique 
With its heart on its sleeve, this expressive red wine is sure to charm from first sip to last. Ripe aromas of maraschino cherries and cranberries are layered with the sweet spice of red pepper and deeper undertones of black pepper. Soft and supple flavors caress the palate together with fine-grained tannins and a gentle acidity. A wine, so winning, whimsical and simply delightful, that it’s near impossible to turn down a second glass.
Highest rating – 4 glasses