Caro Maurer (Master of Wine) tastes vintage 2017 of Robert Weil Junior

2017 Robert Weil Junior Pinot Blanc Unique
The aroma says it all: quintessential Weißburgunder. Juicy, ripe fruits — apricot and yellow apple — mingle with an alluring woodruff spice and the cool kiss of freshly washed linen.  The expressive and unmistakable flavors live seamlessly in the moment — a delicious and captivating gustatory adventure. 
4 Glasses

2017 Robert Weil Junior Pinot Gris Unique
A picture-perfect Pinot Gris in every way: ripe fruit aromas of honeydew melon, citrus and yellow apple are laced with floral accents of honey blossom and spring meadow flowers. On the palate, the variety’s voluptuous curves are laced up tight by a youthful and taut acidity. 
4 Glasses

2017 Robert Weil Junior Chardonnay Unique 
A charmer who knows how to show off her good side.  Aromas of apricots, citrus fruit and orange are backed by vanilla, buttercream and appealing Jasmin accents. Even as the full-bodied palate verges toward a creamy almost cozy roundness, the finely polished acidity keeps the wine perfectly taut and poised.
4 Glasses

2017 Robert Weil Junior Rosé Unique 
A wine to indulge all the senses. Lovely, radiant pink hues in the glass. Enchanting, juicy aromas of raspberry and cherry mingle with floral accents of violets and rose petal. Each aromatic promise is paid in full on the palate: fresh, fruity and supple, with a thread of sweetness binding the pieces into a mouthwatering, cohesive whole from first to final sip. 
4 Glasses